Luxury Alfresco Dining

In search of the perfect garden dining set where luxury seamlessly meets sustainability, Katerina embarked on a mission to find a true gem that could mirror the elegance of her project. Craving a piece that effortlessly blends style with eco-friendliness, her vision was crystal clear: a set that not only harmonizes with the garden's vibrant colour scheme but also resonates with her commitment to environmentally conscious design.

The Brief

Katerina faced the challenge of designing a stylish yet relaxing alfresco dining area, harmonizing with the bespoke outdoor kitchen in the garden. The space needed to function seamlessly for family meals while offering a tranquil escape reminiscent of a holiday getaway. Selecting an outdoor dining set was crucial, requiring it to blend with the overall design, provide ample seating for family gatherings, endure over time, demand minimal upkeep, and align with the client's vision of a sustainable garden retreat.

The Solution

Astor dining 4 seater dining set
emerged as the ideal choice for the getaway garden, boasting timeless handwoven rattan that seamlessly blended into the color scheme while providing texture and dimension. The comfortable 4-seater set offered a perfect space for entertaining, enjoying meals, and relaxation amid the garden's ambiance. Its durability and low-maintenance attributes aligned with the garden's calming aspirations, and the strong sustainability credentials matched the client's goal of a green space. The dining area also seamlessly complemented the newly crafted bespoke outdoor kitchen, enhancing the garden's functionality.

Project Details

Project Size: 8m x 9m
Location: Birmingham