Porcelain Decking

Open Steel Wind Uplift System

This system allows porcelain paving to be used on open steel subframes. A bespoke system of steel trays is used to support and level the porcelain. MESA Non-Combustible Adhesive can be supplied to meet wind uplift standards.

The all-purpose wind-uplift and drainage paving solution

This system works with any sized porcelain and allows it to be used with open steel subframes. Drainage pieces sit at the perimeter, collecting water and directing it to a single drainage point. MESA Non-combustible Adhesive is spread between the steel trays and the porcelain paving, preventing the wind-uplift of paving slabs.







Fire Resistant to EN 13501-1

A1 certified porcelain

Variable Height

With a 49–604 mm range

Qualicoat Certified Coating

Long-lasting powder coat

Low Slip Potential to BS 7976

Even when weathered

The safe, secure and adaptable steel tray system

Steel trays can span 750 mm and work on all commercial balconies & terraces with steel beam support structures. For height flexibility, the trays can be used with joists and shims, or they can simply be laid directly to steel.


Technical Specification

Size1200 x 200 or 1200 x 400 mm
Profile20 mm
Slip RatingR11
Reaction to fireA1
Warranty10 year structural warranty
FinishLithographic wood

Technical Downloads