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Envirobuild are Irish Construction Excellence Award Finalists
EnviroBuild are proud to be finalists for the Irish Construction Excellence Awards (ICE Awards) in the Construction Product Innovation – Building Fabric category.
How to create a Bridgerton Regency Garden
Be the diamond of the season by creating your own Bridgerton inspired garden. Explore our guide to embracing the Bridgeton regency garden trend at home.
Spring Gardening Guide
Spring is one of the most exciting seasons for gardening. As growing season gets underway enjoy our expert guide to making the most of your garden this spring.
Where to Find us this year
Explore the range of trade and garden shows we will be appearing at this year.
PAS 9980 Compliance
The introduction of PAS 9980 aims to provide a more pragmatic framework for the assessment and remediation of buildings with potentially combustible external wall systems.
The Best Decking Colour Ideas to Suit your Garden
When designing your garden deck one of the most important decisions and often the hardest, is deciding on the colour. Composite decking offers a great selection of colours to choose from with black, brown, and grey all being popular choices, each with their own unique style and aesthetic. Discover the perfect colour decking for your outdoor space with our expert guide.
Wind Uplift Legislation
In the event of storm conditions a floating paving system can become dislodged and in the most serious circumstances be thrown off the side of a building in a potentially lethal incident. Making it important that you stay up to date with the latest wind uplift legislation and discover the right wind uplift solutions for your project.
COP 27 - The Path is Running Short
With COP 27 quickly approaching our co-founder Aidan Bell shares his thoughts on COP 27, how the current fragile geopolitical situation will impact this years proceedings and what needs to done to achieve the 1.5c target.
Autumn Gardening Guide
It's common to neglect your garden when the temperatures start to drop, but autumn is actually one of the best seasons for gardening according to the RHS . The lower temperatures and increased rainfall creates the perfect conditions for planting and many other garden jobs. Make the most of your garden this autumn with our autumn gardening guide.
Protecting 2,655 acres of forest & savannah in Central Africa
Through our partnership with Rainforest Trust UK we have helped protect 2,655 acres of forest and savannah habitat in the Central Africa Republic. Protecting a rare and extraordinary meeting of forest and savanna.
The best sustainable gardens from RHS flower shows 2022
With sustainable gardening becoming increasingly popular. RHS flower shows this year have helped illustrate how planet friendly practices and design can be used to create show stopping gardens that can help fight climate change and increase biodiversity. We have collected our favourite sustainable gardens who have found Creative ways to make their gardens beautiful, biodiversity and sustainable spaces.
Top 10 Creative Decking Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project
It is the perfect time to start thinking about revamping your garden. A new deck can make a great centrepiece for your garden and is the perfect way to make your outdoor space stand out. We have collected out top 10 creative decking design ideas to inspire your next project.
Our Top Tips for Styling your Garden Seating Area
There is nothing quite like enjoying your garden in the summertime. Whether you have a small city courtyard or a sprawling country garden, there are an abundance of ways you can design and style your space. However with so many ideas out there it can be hard to know where to start. Therefore we have collected our top styling ideas to help sort through the confusion and make the most of your garden this summer.
EnviroBuild and Rainforest Trust UK's Partnership
Rainforest Trust UK is EnviroBuild's Official Charity Partner. We donate 10% off all profits to Rainforest Trust UK projects.
uPVC Cladding Fire Rating vs Composite Cladding
When installing exterior cladding in a residential or commercial property, it is crucial to find out the combustibility of the panels given that they will be affixed to the external walls of the building. Discover how uPVC Cladding compares to Composite Cladding.
2022 Top Garden Trends
Our selection of the top garden trends of 2022 that can help you create the garden of your dreams.
Non Combustible Decking Balcony
Non-Combustible Decking Regulations
Following mass campaigns in support of improved legislation and stricter regulation, England implemented the first post-Grenfell piece of fire legislation in December 2018.
Balcony Building Regulations
Over the past few years there has been a significant shift in building practises and material specifications of high-rise balconies and terraces. The introduction of BS 8579:2020 provides a standard that encourages the building of safer and more inclusive balconies and terraces.
Cladding on building
Cladding Fire Regulations
In the UK and also throughout the EU, the fire safety rating of construction materials is determined by the European Reaction to Fire classification system (Euroclass system) which was introduced in England in the early 2000s.
Galleon Garden Furniture In Partnership with Rainforest Trust UK
To help make our Galleon Garden Furniture as sustainable as possible. We have partnered with Rainforest Trust UK to donate a specific amount for each garden furniture set. Helping you save at least 1 acre of rainforest with every Garden Furniture purchase.
What do the Rainforest Trust do?
At EnviroBuild, we are passionate about sustainable living and helping our environment. Tropical rainforests support over 50% of the world’s species, many of which are critically endangered. Safeguarding existing rainforests is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to fight climate change and help protect the worlds biodiversity. That is why we donate 10% off profits to Rainforest Trust UK
Our Sustainable Pledge: Supporting The Ocean Cleanup
As a part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability we support sustainable causes and charities that are making a positive impact. We are proud to support The Ocean Cleanup and help them with their important work.
EnviroBuild’s Life Cycle Assessment: Researching the Environmental Impact of Our Products
EnviroBuild was created with an ongoing commitment to sustainability. We have made it our mission to remove the compromise between quality and sustainability and we strongly believe in improving the world of construction. This assessment will help us identify ways in which we can improve, grow and work toward this mission.
When to Install Composite Decking
Summer is, without a doubt, the best time of the year to enjoy an outdoor deck. It is the perfect place for entertaining, cooking and relaxing outside. It comes as no surprise that this is when the majority of people are enquiring about building a new deck.
Sisu LVT’s Lifetime Warranty Compared to Competitors
When buying luxury vinyl tiles, you’re not only looking at usefulness and appearance, but durability that’s backed up by a full, long-lasting warranty. At EnviroBuild, we encourage you to take advantage of our Sisu luxury vinyl tiles warranty that comes automatically with your purchase at no additional cost.
Top Garden Trends
Our selection of the top garden trends that can help transform any outdoor space into the garden of your dreams.
2021 Top Garden Trends
A new year has never looked so hopeful. Coming out of yet another lockdown, we expect trends that developed in those uncertain times to continue in 2021. From making the most of your outdoor space to new-found hobbies, such as gardening, we believe these will be some of the top garden trends for 2021.
Increase your Property Value by up to 5% with Composite Decking
In a recent study conducted by Boydens, it was found that simply installing composite decking to your home could increase a property’s value by 5%.
Our Top 10 ways to rewild your garden
Rewilding your garden has become an increasingly popular trend and is the perfect way to create your very own natural and sustainable oasis. Rewilding helps increase species biodiversity of plants, animals and vital microorganisms in your soil. Whilst also being a natural solution to climate change.
EnviroBuild Publishes its First Environmental Product Declaration, for Hyperion Composite Products
EnviroBuild are proud to be the first company in the UK to publish the environmental impact of its composite products with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).
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