What is Fibre Cement Decking?

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What is Fibre Cement Decking?

Fibre cement decking is a modern, versatile, and highly durable outdoor building material that has gained popularity for its exceptional qualities. Composed of a mix of wood fibres, cement, and additives, this composite material creates a robust and low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood or composite decking. Fibre cement decking not only mimics the natural appearance of wood but also offers superior heat resistance, ensuring it remains comfortable underfoot even in scorching sunlight. Its non-expansive properties mean it maintains its shape and appearance throughout varying weather conditions. Additionally, its A1 non-combustible rating ensures high fire resistance, making it a safer choice. This innovative decking solution, with hidden fastener systems, can be adapted to various installations, providing the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance for outdoor spaces.

What are the Benefits of Fibre Cement Decking?

Fibre cement decking offers a multitude of advantages that set it apart as an exceptional choice for outdoor spaces. Its wood effect finish combines the warm, natural appeal of wood with the added benefits of modern technology. Unlike traditional wood, it doesn't heat up in the sun, remaining comfortably cool underfoot. Furthermore, this material does not expand or contract, ensuring that it maintains a seamless and gap-free appearance throughout varying weather conditions. With a smaller expansion gap than aluminium and composite alternatives, it achieves a sleek and polished look. Its A1 non-combustible rating ensures exceptional fire resistance, enhancing safety for any environment. Notably, fibre cement decking remains non-slip when wet, providing a secure surface for users. Its lower carbon footprint, in comparison to aluminium, makes it an environmentally responsible choice for those committed to sustainability.

How is it different from Composite Decking?

Fibre cement decking stands out from wood composite decking in several key ways. While both aim to mimic the look of natural wood, fibre cement decking offers a more authentic wood effect finish. Unlike wood composite, fibre cement does not expand or contract with temperature and humidity variations, ensuring a stable and gap-free surface. It also boasts an A1 non-combustible rating, providing a higher level of fire resistance compared to some wood composites. Additionally, fibre cement decking remains cool to the touch in hot weather and maintains its slip-resistant properties when wet, prioritizing user safety. With a lower carbon footprint than wood composite, it's also a more sustainable choice, making it an ideal option for environmentally conscious projects. These distinctive qualities make fibre cement decking a durable, safe, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood and wood composite decking.

How is it different from Aluminium Decking?

Both fibre cement and aluminium decking are good non combustible solutions. However fibre cement decking has a few unique benefits. Fibre cement decking presents a compelling contrast to aluminium decking with several distinctive advantages. Notably, it boasts a higher fire rating, earning an A1 non-combustible classification, which significantly surpasses aluminium's fire resistance. Furthermore, fibre cement decking contributes to a lower carbon footprint when compared to aluminium, aligning with eco-conscious principles and sustainability goals. Another key difference lies in the expansion gap, as fibre cement decking offers a smaller gap than both aluminium and wood composite decking. This characteristic not only enhances the visual appeal of the deck but also simplifies the installation process. These unique attributes make fibre cement decking a standout choice for those who prioritize fire safety, environmental responsibility, and design flexibility in their outdoor projects.

Is Fibre Cement Decking Non-Combustible?

Fibre cement decking is indeed non-combustible, earning an A1 fire rating. This remarkable quality ensures that it does not ignite, burn, or contribute to the spread of flames in the presence of fire. It stands out as a highly fire-resistant building material, making it an ideal choice for outdoor spaces in areas prone to wildfires or where fire safety is a paramount concern. With its A1 non-combustible rating, fibre cement decking offers peace of mind and a heightened level of safety, making it a dependable choice for homeowners and builders looking to prioritize fire prevention and safety in their outdoor projects.

How can I use Fibre Cement Decking?

Fibre cement decking offers versatility and durability that can be harnessed in a variety of outdoor applications. It excels in creating stunning, low-maintenance decks that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for walkways, terraces, and balconies, where slip resistance and resistance to heat are paramount. This material is particularly well-suited for balconies and terraces, thanks to its aesthetics and safety features, which align with standards like BS 8579, requiring limited combustibility for balconies on buildings occupied above 11 meters.
Given its A1 non-combustible rating, it's ideal for outdoor spaces in fire-prone regions. The ease of installation with hidden fastener systems makes it suitable for both residential and commercial projects, ensuring a sleek, gap-free appearance. Fibre cement decking's lower carbon footprint aligns well with eco-friendly initiatives, making it a preferred choice for sustainable outdoor design. Whether you're envisioning a rustic deck or a contemporary terrace, fibre cement decking offers endless possibilities to elevate outdoor spaces with style, safety, and longevity.

How to Install Fibre Cement Decking

Installing fibre cement decking is a straightforward and quite similar to that of installing composite decking boards. The flexible process that guarantees both safety and durability. Thanks to its smaller expansion gap compared to aluminium and composite materials, you can achieve a sleek, gap-free finish. This decking's A1 non-combustible rating provides peace of mind when it comes to fire safety. To begin installation, employ the hidden clip fastener system, creating a polished and unobtrusive appearance. You have the choice of using traditional joists or a tray system, allowing adaptability to your project's specific needs. Ensure a consistent span of 400 mm for structural stability, and for areas susceptible to wind uplift, consider installing it on a tray to enhance resilience in challenging weather conditions. Overall, the installation of fibre cement decking offers both ease and versatility for a safe, aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.
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