Oak Patio Decking

The client was looking to replace their existing rotting timber decking with a visually appealing, durable and hassle free alternative. Hyperion Oak Explorer Composite Decking was selected to breath new life into the space and create a modern malfunctional patio to enjoy the summer months.

The Problem

The customers existing timber deck was plagued by rot, mould, instability, and had become a safety concerns. The deck's deteriorating condition not only look visually unappealing l but also rendered it hazardous for regular use. The client was looking to revive the space so they could could enjoy summer month and relish in outdoor dining and living without apprehension. They were looking for a more durable and low maintenance solution to transform the space.

The Solution

Hyperion Oak Composite Decking
was selected to replace the once-rotten and unstable outdoor area. Creating a visually striking contemporary haven for outdoor living, dining, and entertainment. Creating the perfect combination of style and function.
Composite Decking was the perfect solution for this space. Its non-slip properties ensure a secure environment for playful children, seamlessly merging safety with leisure. The virtue of low maintenance liberates the occupants from the clutches of constant upkeep, allowing for unhindered enjoyment. The inherent durability of the decking, resistant to rot and warping, guarantees years of unwavering service, rendering concerns about instability and safety a distant memory. Creating the perfect space for the family to enjoy the outdoors in style.

Project Details

Size: 30m2
Maslin Jones
Location: Milton Keynes