Outdoor Living Decking

The client was looking for the perfect sustainable outdoor flooring for their outdoor living and creative multifunctional gathering space for RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Hyperion Granite Explorer Composite Decking was selected to create a striking backdrop for the unique space.

The Brief

Designed to foster gatherings and facilitate learning about the project's altruistic initiatives, the flooring seamlessly aligns with the sustainability-focused ethos of the area. Its aesthetic allure harmonizes effortlessly with the captivating design, while its robust sustainability credentials reflect a commitment to eco-conscious principles. This carefully curated selection captures the essence of both purpose and visual appeal, creating an inviting haven that resonates with the space and charities values.

The Solution

Granite Explorer Composite Decking create a stunning contrast against the dark natural furnishings and bright pops of colour brought from the upholstery. Helping to creative a cohesive natural feeling design perfective for creative discussion. This stunning design could be easily apapted to a home outdoor living space, garden studio or terraced area.

Project Details

Size: 40 m²
House Nine
Location: Chelsea, London