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What are decking & paver supports and how to use them?

Posted on 04 Aug 13:00 , 0 comments

Supports are plastic support structures, often described as pedestal, feet or risers; they act as miniature pillars, supporting the joist sub-structure for decking or sitting between the corners of paving. They allow a level, professional finish to be installed quickly, irrespective of the surface underneath... [See More]

What is Plastic Wood and Lumber?

Posted on 27 Jul 17:57 , 0 comments

With production of plastics increasing year on year, we are finally starting to see some fantastic projects and products designed to reduce the amount that ends up in landfills and in our oceans. With this in mind many people are turning to recycled products in areas you might not have thought of. Manticore Plastic Lumber not only uses recycled plastic but also helps to reduce deforestation as well... [Read More]

EnviroBuild is recruiting - Regional Sales Executives

Posted on 25 Jul 09:52 , 0 comments

EnviroBuild is growing!

This is an opportunity to work in a high growth company with a social conscience in a growing sector 

Installing a Curved Decking Area

Posted on 03 Apr 11:23 , 0 comments

At EnviroBuild we are often asked how to install a variety shapes of decking.  A later article will explain tips and tricks on how to mitre boards.  However, as a majority of our customers are already very capable with a circular saw the more frequent question is can I have a circular deck.

Circular Composite Decking

Using Composite Decking to Create Benches, Planters and Gates

Posted on 15 Mar 00:19 , 0 comments

Following from our article on how to design your decking, we're focusing upon the versatility of the Hyperion composite products. When people think of composite decking it's balconies, terraces or garden decks. Instead, we're looking to show you the other ways that the double sided Hyperion has been used by our customers.

Composite Decking being used as a planter

To read the article click here

Five Decking Design Ideas to Inspire You

Posted on 15 Feb 23:16 , 0 comments

With Summer nearly upon us, it is time to revamp your garden with a new deck, a deck that stands out and will be the envy of all your friends and neighbours. With each passing Summer being the hottest on record, it is definitely time to think about soaking up as much Vitamin D as your body can handle.

We've been giving a lot of thought to our favourite deck designs, here's our top five deck patterns:

Decking Design - Compass

Household recycling by local authority: has your local area improved?

Posted on 12 Jan 09:10 , 0 comments

The latest statistics from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) reveal that the UK recycling rate for ‘waste from households’ fell from 44.9 per cent in 2014 to 44.3 per cent in 2015.

We made a map of the local authorities

UK recycling council map

The surprising things that you can’t recycle and how it is causing a real problem

Posted on 20 Dec 16:00 , 0 comments

Figures released this week by the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs revealed that for the first time the percentage of household waste being recycled has declined. With the government aiming to increase recycling levels to 50% by 2020 this step backwards is an unwanted set back.

Recycling bin confusion- envirobuild

Buying 101 Acres of Sumatra’s Rainforest- The Last Stand of The Sumatran Rhino

Posted on 14 Dec 17:33 , 0 comments

We donate 10% of our profits every year in an effort to offset the carbon footprint of our production process. By only using recycled woods and recycled plastic to fabricate the decking board and by supporting charities that protect important rainforest we hope to be an as ethical decking product as possible. In April last year we were able to help Rainforest Trust purchase 101 Acres of key rainforest on the Indonesian island of Sumatra as part of their project aiming at saving the Sumatran Rhino.

 The Last Stand of The Sumatran Rhino- Rainforest Trust EnviroBuild Donation


Composite Decking Prices

Posted on 25 Nov 09:55 , 0 comments

Our pricing is clear and transparent on our website, and is calculated on the basis of each item sold, whether that be a decking board, or box of hidden fasteners sold.

To see how it compares to the market then please click here