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Blog Articles:

How to clad your garden office

Posted on 17 Feb 13:37 0 Comments

To figure out the amount of materials you will need, you can either use our online cladding calculator or get in touch with us for a same-day quotation. Equally if you have someone on hand doing the install and working out your quantities they are more than welcome to call to get a second opinion.

 Below we outline a popular choice of materials and design for a garden office but for more detailed information, visit our installation guide .

If installing yourself – have a thorough measure up. Some key points to have in mind

How to Install Composite Fencing

Posted on 13 Feb 17:06 0 Comments

At EnviroBuild, we offer a range of different composite products. This range now includes composite fencing made from almost entirely recycled material and with high durability and water resistance.

That being said, you may be wondering how the installation of such fencing may work. Luckily, below we have outlined exactly how to install composite fencing.... [Read More]

As Berkley enter the fray is it time to get into the modular homes industry?

Posted on 05 Feb 00:55 0 Comments

With the current housing crisis everyone is looking for new, innovative and most importantly profitable solutions.

Modular housing is a broad bracket that covers everything from shipping containers to glass boxes, or aluminium housing to co-living developments, it could even be the reinventing of an existing space or the manufacturing of a prefab home...[See More]

An easy way to increase your property value by up to 5%

Posted on 20 Dec 12:41 0 Comments

In a recent study conducted by the well-respected east England estate agent, Boyden’s, it was found that the simple addition of composite decking could increase a property’s value by 5%. To put that in perspective the average property price in East England is £294,000, meaning a small investment of around £2000 could result in a return of more than £14,000. A sevenfold return on investment is not bad for a weekend project that would also provide you with a much improved garden space to enjoy over the summer...[Read More]

Christmas and New Year Giveaway!

Posted on 18 Dec 15:29 0 Comments

During this time of giving we are looking to reward a lucky winner!

Simply complete our feedback form for a chance to win £50. All submissions made before January 31st 2017 are eligible, and the winner will be drawn at random. So follow the link share your feedback and cross your fingers...[See More]

Rainforest Trust - How We Helped Save 2,300 Acres Of Atlantic Rainforest

Posted on 13 Nov 19:28 0 Comments

Our latest donation, bought 2,300 acres of Atlantic forest in Cameroon. The Douala-Edea Wildlife Reserve was recently identified as one of the most important conservation landscapes in Central Africa. Rainforest Trust is working to increase the reserve’s protection level by making it into a national park. Not only that but it will expand its range to include 98,000 acres of mangroves, rivers and wetlands as well as 247 acres of marine habitat. The area the trust is working on will help to protect Chimpanzees, Colobus Monkeys, African Forest Elephants as well as Manatees, Humpback Dolphins and 3 species of turtle... [Read More]

The Benefits of a Hidden Fastener System

Posted on 18 Oct 11:00 0 Comments

We believe the best way to install a deck is with hidden fasteners.

The reason we designed our deck to suit hidden fasteners is because it enables a soft installation. By this we mean the deck boards are not drilled into directly and so it avoids damage to the boards ensuring longevity and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Hidden fasteners are commonly known as secret fixings as they are screwed directly into the joist framework, thus hiding them from sight.

Does Composite Decking Fade?

Posted on 11 Oct 16:13 0 Comments

Taking care of a traditional wooden deck can be a lot of work. Most wooden decks will need to be sealed and stained at least every 2-3 years to prolong their colour as the British summer and watery winters take their toll on even the most hard-wearing stains and paints.

When considering a deck refurbishment or replacement one of the most common questions we receive is does composite decking have the same fading issues as their timber alternatives?... [Read more]

Rainforest Trust Donation: Helping save 6235 Acres to Help Create the Red Panda Community Forest

Posted on 25 Sep 11:30 0 Comments

We decided to support a project by the name of: Creating the Red Panda Community Forest. Thanks to EnviroBuild's customers we were able to donate enough to provide funds for 6,235 Acres of rainforest and after match funding this was more than 12,000 acres of previously endangered rainforest in the mountains of Eastern Nepal that we were able to save!... [Read More]

Composite Cladding, Decking and Fencing 3D CAD .dwg .dwf, and Sketch-Up Files for Architects

Posted on 21 Sep 13:43 0 Comments

EnviroBuild is going to re-launch its website fairly soon, but until then we have some resources that Architects in particular might find useful and are not listed in our resource centre.

We include sketchup and 3D CAD drawings for the entire range of composite decking, cladding and fencing, as well as Manticore recycled plastic lumber and the MESA support pedestals...

[See More]