Acton Gardens Modern Decking

Acton Gardens is the regeneration of the former South Acton Estate. This particular phase consisted of a 15 storey structure, totalling 203 units.

Project Breakdown

This project demonstrated an amazing approach to mindful practise through fantastic external appearances and brilliant work with the local community. The assurances made in terms of the environment, safety, and personnel were outstanding.

The Solution

Our client sought a dependable and contemporary non-combustible aluminium decking for their residential balconies. The hidden fastener system used in conjunction with Hyperion 145 Pro-Grip provided a robust flooring solution with a crisp finish that could easily be installed on aluminium joists. The end result is balcony flooring which fulfils legislative requirements as well as our clients aesthetic desires.

Project Details

Size: 260 m²
MESA Aluminium Joists
Client: AYM Services
Location: London