Aluminium Decking

Non-combustible aluminium deck boards purposely specified for balcony and terrace areas, complying with the latest fire safety laws.

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Fire Resistant

A-Class to EN 13501-1

Qualicoat Certified

Long-lasting powder coat

Easy Installation

Flat roof & steel beam systems

Legally Compliant

Built to adhere to BS:8579

145 Pro-Grip

All-purpose aluminium decking.

Highly versatile non-combustible aluminium decking available in a variety of stock colours. This no-fuss solution is easy to install and suitable for all balconies and terraces.
145 Pro-Grip is the perfect choice for new builds that need to comply with the latest fire safety law. Providing a beautifully engineered, non-slip finish.

150 Aqua-Channel

Positive-drainage aluminium decking.

An easy to install positive drainage aluminium decking system. With patented interlocking attachments and drainage channels which are designed to mitigate the capillary effect.
150 Aqua-Channel boards create a continuous surface. The boards are installed at a slope, forcing liquids down, where they are collected by the drainage piece.


Retro-fitting aluminium decking.

Strong Span was designed to offer a simpler solution for quick and secure balcony retro-fitting. Featuring a larger board profile, balconies and terraces can be brought up to code more efficiently.
This intuitive design includes a decking insert that snaps into place to cover fixings; or which can be reversed to double as a drainage channel between boards.

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