Coombe Road Fire Rated Decking

Envirobuild's Pro-grip Aluminium decking and non combustible substructure was meticulously chosen for the ambitious 5-29 Coombe Road project in New Malden. This selection reflects a commitment to both durability and aesthetic appeal in the development's design. With an anticipated programme duration of 93 weeks and a focus on achieving BREEAM Very Good rating for the office space, every detail matters. The project, set to introduce 79 apartments, 4 terraced maisonettes, and a versatile ground floor commercial zone alongside a basement car park, demands materials capable of withstanding diverse environmental challenges. Envirobuild's solution aligns seamlessly with the project's transformative vision, ensuring a blend of functionality and style that will define the Coombe Road development as a hallmark of modern construction excellence.

Project Breakdown

The Coombe Road development represents a remarkable endeavor, encompassing the design and construction of two buildings featuring four residential blocks spanning 3 to 7 storeys. With a vision to enhance urban living, the project introduces 79 apartments, 4 maisonettes, and a vibrant ground floor commercial zone, promising a dynamic mixed-use environment valued at £25.8 million.

The Solution

Envirobuild's non-combustible Pro Grip Aluminium decking and substructure stood out as the optimal choice for the contemporary apartment balconies and maisonette terraces, providing a seamless fusion of functionality, safety, and style to this expansive project. With 79 apartments, 4 terraced maisonettes, and a dynamic ground floor commercial zone spread across two buildings, the demand for durable and dependable materials was undeniable. Envirobuild's decking solution not only ensures long-lasting durability and aesthetic appeal but also addresses crucial safety concerns inherent in modern construction practices. Its seamless integration into the architectural vision enhances the overall charm and functionality of the development, setting a new standard of excellence in mixed-use urban projects.

Project Details

Size: 1250 sqm
Main Contractor:
ARJ Construction
Structural & Civil Engineer:
Davies Maguire
Location: New Malden, London