Elm Park- The Links Fibre Cement Decking

The refurbishment project at Elm Park - The Links apartments focused on updating the balconies to meet contemporary safety standards. Spanning 535 square meters, the project aimed to replace the existing timber decking with a material that offered both enhanced safety and aesthetic appeal. EnviroBuild's Fibre Cement decking was selected as the ideal solution, balancing the need for durability, compliance with fire regulations, and visual integration with the existing architecture.

Project Breakdown

The primary challenge was to find a non-combustible material that met the BS 8579 fire regulations for balconies of buildings above 11 meters. whilst being in keeping with design of the development . The existing wooden decking had begun to deteriorate, posing not only a fire risk but also issues of durability and maintenance. The project team sought a solution which had a similar look to the existing timber decking, while offering enhanced durability and being fully compliant with the latest safety standards.

The Solution

EnviroBuild's Fibre Cement A-rated decking emerged as the perfect choice to address these challenges. This innovative material, used alongside Aluminium Joists and Steel Pedestals, provided a non-combustible, durable, and low-maintenance solution. The Fibre Cement Boards, with their realistic wood grain effect in the colour sand, seamlessly blended with the existing architecture. Helping the refurbishment project successfully balance safety, durability, and style, whilst significantly improving the overall appearance and safety of The Elm Park Apartements.

Project Details

Size: 535 sqm
Main Contractor: :BRM Building LTD
Location: Elm Park , Dublin