Contemporary City Garden

Tasked with transforming a bland, overgrown city garden into a luxurious, modern oasis of low maintenance, the garden designer embarked on a creative journey of reinvention. Drawing upon a rich palette of materials and textures, the designer envisioned a harmonious blend of sleek lines and natural elements. To create the contemporary low maintenance garden of the clients dreams.

The Problem

The problem lay in the neglected and badly overgrown state of the old garden, leaving the client unsure of how to tackle the daunting challenge it presented. Lacking inspiration and direction, the client sought a solution that would offer both lushness and low maintenance while embodying a modern, unique aesthetic. They envisioned a garden that would serve as a showstopper, boasting a harmonious blend of textures, colours, and elements, yet requiring minimal upkeep.
Katerina envisioned a stunning transformation that incorporated a mix of materials, including composite decking, paving, and raised beds, complemented by lush tropical plantings. Her design promised to fulfil the client's desires for a striking, low-maintenance garden that would stand out as a true masterpiece.

The Solution

Katerina blended sleek lines with lush plantings. Granite composite decking, with its striking black colour and wood texture, was chosen as a focal point, creating visual interest and contrast against the grey paving tiles. Slate frontier composite decking was selected to craft two bespoke floating benches, adding utility and style to the design.
Embracing the challenge, they seamlessly integrated these contemporary features, striking a delicate balance between opulence and practicality. Through meticulous planning and skilled execution, the once neglected space was reborn as a sanctuary of tranquillity and sophistication, where verdant foliage cascades against sleek stone surfaces, and tranquil water features mingle with sculptural accents. The result is a captivating fusion of form and function, where every corner invites exploration and every detail delights the senses, offering a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design.

Project Details