Modern Courtyard Deking

The client was looking for a unique way to transform their uneven city garden into a contemporary visually stunning outdoor space. The client and designer came up with unique ways to capitalize on the uneven ground, crafting a landscape that embraces the natural irregularities while establishing distinctive multifunctional areas that can be used for different functions but come together in a cohesive design. Hyperion Granite Composite Decking was create an striking base for outdoor living and create a stylish and functional walk way to connect the two main areas of the garden.

The Solution

Hyperion Granite Composite Decking was selected to act as the captivating centrepiece for the garden. The dark shades and hard landscaping combined with the bright lush planting created a visually striking garden with multiple areas of visual interest. The environmentally-conscious decking not only showcases remarkable practicality but also boasts non-slip attributes, making it an ideal choice for this project. The thoughtfully curated planting scheme, featuring Alliums, grasses, roses, flowering shrubs, and perennial blooms, provides year-round bursts of colour while maintaining an airy atmosphere. Structural elements are introduced through ferns, pheasant grasses, and trough-contained bamboos. A judicious crown-lifting of the existing laurel tree further infuses the space with natural light, creating an enchanting and vibrant outdoor sanctuary.

Customer Feedback

"The clients and I have been thrilled with the Envirobuild decking boards. The colour and quality is fantastic, and it's coping brilliantly with two dogs (and all that entails!) without any problems. Using this product allowed me to create a stunning, contemporary design for this sloping city garden, in keeping with the high quality finish of this home's complete renovation, all while meeting the clients' requirement for low maintenance materials."

Project Details

Size: 36.2m2
Location: College Road, Norwich