Modern Garden Room Decking

Yearning to convert their simple city garden into a distinctive modern oasis, the owner sought a serene atmosphere. With a mix of textures and materials to craft a captivating and stylish outdoor haven, radiating a sense of relaxation and uniqueness. The owner also wanted to enhance their space with a garden room for work and relaxation. Adding a decking area not only provided a relaxing spot but also served as a safe transition into the garden room.

The Solution

The garden was transformed into a sophisticated, connected living space with a garden room for work and relaxation. The patio was replaced and new plantings were introduced, and created raised beds for structure. The garden room's deck, featuring EnviroBuild's
granite composite decking
was used to seamlessly blended with the colour scheme, adding a modern yet traditional feel. The limestone and clay pavers, combined with EnviroBuild decking, ensured elegance and low maintenance. The deck facilitated an easy transition to the main path, extending the garden room space and enhancing its spaciousness, especially with fully open bifold doors, allowing clients to enjoy the garden and nearby water feature.

Customer Feedback

"Envirobuild is my go to choice for both composite cladding and decking. Favoured because the colours are not only what I like but also what my clients like - subtle, modern and traditional, and they don't look 'fake' which many others sometimes can be. Also, the material composition of both the decking is more in tune with looking similar to wood and again not looking too plastic. Whilst the cladding has a beautiful finish and smart look which brings class to any project".

Project Details

Project Size: 4m2
Location: London