Stone Communal Terrace Decking

Award winning garden designer Maïtanne Hunt was tasked with transforming the lacklustre communal roof terrace into a contemporary and serene haven for employees to relish. Recognizing that the first step towards achieving this vision was to address the deteriorating state of the existing timber decking, she prioritised its replacement as the cornerstone of her design strategy. Maïtanne selected stone composite decking to elevate the aesthetic allure of the space but also as a foundational element to ensure the longevity and functionality of her envisioned oasis.

The Problem

The existing roof terrace presented a multitude of challenges that begged for a revitalising touch. The timber decking, weathered and worn, had succumbed to rot and algae, rendering it an unsightly blemish on the corporate landscape. Its dilapidated state not only detracted from the aesthetics but also posed safety concerns for those who frequented the area. Furthermore, the terrace lacked any greenery or design elements, failing to offer the respite and rejuvenation that the clients envisioned. Recognising the pressing need for transformation, the clients sought to breathe new life into the space, envisioning a modern oasis where employees could converge, unwind, and reconnect with nature amidst the bustling urban setting of London's Berkeley Square.

The Solution

Stone composite decking emerged as the ideal solution to revitalise the space and set the stage for a modern transformation. Its selection was deliberate, with its beautiful grey colour and rich tones lending a contemporary backdrop that seamlessly integrated with the envisioned design. The addition of a wood texture further enhanced the aesthetic appeal, infusing the terrace with a touch of warmth and natural charm. Maïtanne astutely combined the decking with a lush and stunning planting scheme, strategically incorporating a mix of raised planters in a complementary grey shade and sunken planting areas. This thoughtful arrangement not only added visual interest but also fostered a sense of wonder, transforming the terrace into a truly enchanting oasis where employees could escape the urban hustle and reconnect with the beauty of nature.

Project Details

Photo Credit:
Marianne Majerus
Location: Berkeley Square, London