Teak Dog Friendly Decking

The client wanted a stylish yet practical garden, turning their big lawn into a versatile outdoor space. They aimed to create an inviting area for the whole family, perfect for entertaining, hosting events, outdoor meals, and enjoying good weather. Whilst also being a safe place for the children and pets play.

The Problem

The client was looking for a stylish yet versatile way to make their large garden laid to lawn into a garden the whole family enjoy. The challenge was striking a balance between a stylish look and a functional space suitable for different family activities. Whilst also finding a material for the project which meet the families design and safety requirements.

The Solution

Teak Frontier Composite Decking
was selected to bring the clients vision to life. Which was used to craft a large and versatile outdoor space tailored for the entire family's enjoyment. The exquisite wood finish in teak color not only added a touch of elegance but also introduced a captivating texture, elevating the overall garden design. Its visual appeal seamlessly blended with the natural surroundings, creating a stunning environment.
This multifunctional area became the ideal setting for basking in the sun, relishing family meals al fresco, entertaining guests, and providing a play haven for both kids and the family dog. The decking's non-slip properties offered a secure surface for energetic children and playful pets, providing peace of mind for parents. Moreover, the low-maintenance nature of the teak composite decking proved to be a perfect fit for a bustling family, ensuring durability and aesthetic charm without compromising precious time and effort on upkeep.

Project Details

Size: 40 m²
Location: London